BMW Siemens MS42 EWS OFF (version 0110C6 immo off)

1 st public EWS OFF for version 0110C6 (still not tested on C7/CA versions)

BMW Siemens MS42 EWS OFF (version 0110C6)


ECU Definitions (modified with EWS Disable): MS42_ECU_Definitions_v0.39-ewsoff.xml 

Unzip & load with RomRaider;

Full dump (512kb) needed;

Set EWS to Disabled, flash to ECU and done!

Flasher: Download Chipster MSS5x Flasher v1.1.2.3


Checksum Corrector: Download Chipster MS42 Checksum Corrector

Колко ли ще ме псуват за тоя хак… не, че нещо ама 350 лева за спиране на имобилайзер на 15-20 годишни бракми (като моята)???? Айде, моля ви се.

Повече информация тук:

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